Essay about The Nutrition And Agroecology Project

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Research design and methods
Research questions
The overall project study will examine whether the Singida Nutrition and Agroecology Project (SNAP), a participatory, agroecological peer farmer education intervention, can be effective at improving sustainable agricultural practices, legume production, food security, infant and young child feeding practices, and nutritional status of children and mothers in Singida District, Tanzania.
Survey design
SNAP is a clustered randomized effectiveness trial. We have selected 25-30 households in each of 10 villages to receive intervention (n=291) and 25-30 households in another 10 villages will serve as control (n=296). Each intervention village chose 2 mentor farmers, 1 man and 1 woman, who participated in a field visit to and training by existing mentor farmers in Malawi and a two-week long follow-up and refresher trainings in Tanzania integrating agroecology, climate change, nutrition, and gender equality. Mentor farmers will then conduct monthly visits to participating households and support the households in conducting experimentation with agroecological practices and/or new behaviors regarding nutrition and gender equality. Quarterly meetings among mentor farmers and meeting of participating farmers within each village will be held to discuss progress and challenges of peer education and household experimentations. Moreover, each participating households will receive a mix of legume seeds. Mentor farmers and participating…

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