Essay on The Nursing Theory Analysis And Research Review Assignment

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For the Nursing Theory Analysis and Research Review assignment, there was no significant feedback that needed to be addressed. Therefore, revision is not needed in any section of this paper. However, the approach taken in wiring this paper was to develop a fundamental understanding of Leininger’s Culture Care Theory of Diversity and Universality.
Theory Summary
Major Concepts Madeleine Leininger hold the belief that culture guide and shape individuals through values, beliefs, and practices that are learned, shared, and transmitted from generation to generation (Alligood, 2015; Sitzman & Eichelberger, 2015). Furthermore, culture is essential in health care as it defines health, illness, and influences how individuals ' seek relief from disease or distress. As a result, nurse practitioners need to accommodate and incorporate patient needs and concerns of the culturally diverse patient population in order to appropriately care for them. For the practicing nurse to successfully provide care to the diverse patient population, he/she need to understand and acknowledge that there are multiple similarities and differences between cultures. More importantly, cultural competence is essential in providing culturally congruent care.
Linking Statements Caring, holistic care, and individualized patient care are relevant to Leininger’s Culture Care Theory for many reasons. First of all, Leininger’s theory aims to incorporate the patients’ personal needs and beliefs into patient care to…

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