Essay on The Nursing Field At The Baptist Memorial Hospital

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The Nursing field give people many opportunities to care and work with sick patients. With the nursing major, I am seeking to work in a hospital and soon get my license to work in the baby’s nursey room. Growing up, I always wanted to be a detective or in the criminal justice filed. Well, my gran-mother starting going in and out of the hospital and having surgery. When I went with my gran-mother to one of her visits before her surgery, I began to watch everything the nurses did to her as well as question them. The nurses noticed my interest in what they were doing, so the next visit my gran-mom had, the nurse said I am going to make a great nurse one day, and could soon care for m gran-mother the same way they are. The moments I spent in the hospital, helped me realize I belong in the medical field. Nurses at the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Covington, TN as well as my mother and gran-mother encouraged me to aim to be a nurse.

I want to take on the career of being a Registered Nurse because registered nurses provide and coordinate patient care for a variety of different medical conditions in a multitude of medical settings. Nursing will offer me both professional and personal satisfaction because if you follow you heart when pursuing your dreams then you’ll always end up satisfied. Since I always think long term when it comes to my life, I personally see myself working in a hospital as a registered nurse 5-10 years from now. There are many national and international…

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