Essay The Nurse Anesthetist

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The Nurse Anesthetist is adept in all aspects of anesthesia care, utilizing a highly specialized knowledge base and skill set in the planning, delivery, and evaluation of anesthesia and pain management. CRNAs are able to work independently from a physician’s supervision, but state guidelines and the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists regulate their autonomy and scope of practice.
My goals in nursing have always been to positively influence the lives of patients and families, find fulfillment in my work, and make a valuable contribution to the nursing profession.
In an attempt to positively influence the lives of patients and families, competent and compassionate care has been my foremost focus. Illness is both physically and emotionally challenging. Thus, clinical excellence must combine with interpersonal care in order to meet the patient’s needs. Conversations and actions that convey clinical strength and empathy build trust between the healthcare provider and the patient. The result is decreased fear and anxiety for patients. Critical care and surgical settings have some of the greatest potential for fear and anxiety, and therefore, the greatest need for healthcare providers to build these relationships. I believe that the nurse anesthesia role will provide the opportunity to build relationships that alleviate patients’ fear and anxiety. As a specialty that focuses on decreasing pain and creating stability in surgical and procedural care, each interaction…

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