Overview Of The Texas Nurses Nursing Association Web Site

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As per the Texas Nursing Association’s (TNA) web site, the TNA’s is a professional organization of the that represents nurses in the State of Texas and it’s stated purpose is to advance the profession of nursing in the areas of education, nursing development and political advocacy.

The TNA was formed in 1907 in Fort Worth Texas, and was then named the Texas Graduate Nursing Association (TGNA). With the advocacy of the TGNA the first State Nurses’ Registration Act, which instituted the Board of Nursing Examiners for the State of Texas. In 01964 the TGNA changed its name to the (TNA). In 2007 the TNA celebrated 100 years of representing and advocacy for Texas Nurses.

The umbrella organization like the TNA represents all nurses regardless
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The AACN provides certification in specific areas such as the acute and critical care areas as well as general education and professional development in these same areas. The AACN also sets standards for the acute and critical care areas and it advocates for the acute and critical care areas. Finally, the AACN provides networking opportunities in the sole areas of acute and critical care. From a student’s perspective, a specialty area is advantageous for a student and novice nurse because it can provide a pathway for future specialty certifications, a professional roadmap to achieve one’s goals in the area of acute and critical …show more content…
First, area that can benefit a nurse is access to the latest state policy changes that can directly affect a nurse. Secondly, the TNA can provide general access to continuing generalized education in nursing, especially if to novice nurses because they may not know where to go to get continuing education credits. Finally, the TNA offers a first home for the novice nurse and it can provide networking opportunities in the local affiliate district and state wide that can develop a novice nurses’ professional career. In summary, the TNA serves as a first home organization from where a novice nurse should

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