The Nurse Administrator Practices For The American Nurses Association

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The nurse administrator practices in numerous settings and in various roles, with varying degree of influence, according to the American Nurses Association (ANA, 2016). Where I work, we have a chief nurse executive (CNE), who is the overall leader for the nursing staff under Harris Health System, which comprised of three hospitals and underlying clinics. There are two chief nurse officers (CNO), one designated at Lyndon Baines Johnson Hospital, and Ben Taub and Quentin Mease Hospital share the other one. Below the CNO, there are Directors of Nursing (DON), then Nurse Managers (NMs). ANA (2016) stressed that the core role accountabilities remain the same, regardless of setting, role, or title. The core role accountabilities encompass clinical care delivery; healthy work environment; resource management, including human, financial, material, and technological; quality and safety; health outcomes; population health management; legal and regulatory compliance; and advocacy (ANA, 2016). The CNE/CNO, are the top management positions, the Directors are the middle level managers, and the Nurse Managers are the first level managers.
Chief Nurse Officer
In our organization, the CNO is responsible for providing the strategic direction for Lyndon Baines Johnson Hospital. The CNO maintains high level of communication and productive relationships with physicians and other healthcare personnel to partner in developing standard key processes and evidence-based practice standards.…

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