The Nurse Administrator Analyzes The Assessment Data And Assessment Process

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Standard 1. Assessment
The nurse administrator collects pertinent data and information relative to the situation, issue, problem, or trend (ANA, 2016). Mr. Curtis integrates knowledge of global and environmental factors into the data collection and assessment process (ANA, 2016). He also recognizes the impact of personal attitudes, values, and beliefs in the assessment process (ANA, 2016).
Standard 2. Identification of Problems, Issues, and Trends
The nurse administrator analyzes the assessment data to identify problems, issues, and trends (ANA, 2016). Mr. Curtis challenge of recruitment and retention as noted above, acknowledges that he prioritizes problems, issues and trends. He stated that the focus is on the residency program, and a culture within each department that promotes an environment that employees will feel engaged and empower.
Bagtas: Any plan on how to improve the department of case management?
Curtis: We are working to go back to unit based, put the team in the same unit, so you guys are not all over the place. All units will be converted to an intermediate medical unit (IMU), except for intensive care unit, once that had done, each team will be assigned to a specific unit, with a clinical nurse case manager (CNCM), and a social worker (SW). Think about, that we are trying to get the patient out of the hospital. Physician, nurses, SW, CNCM, can decrease the length of stay, and decrease readmission rate, since everyone is working together as a…

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