Essay about The Nuclear Age Was A Great Way For The World

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The Nuclear Age was a very horrific period in world’s history due to many deaths and casualties. Thousands of people died in a matter of a year. From the radiation to destruction, the Nuclear Age made people realize we humans have the power to destroy Earth and it’s abundant ecosystems. Nuclear Age was a great way for the scientists to understand our world, understand our world’s fragility and advances in technology. From Hiroshima to Nagasaki bombing, a new type of energy (Nuclear Power) became abundant throughout the whole world. Nuclear Age, Even though it was destructive, it was a gateway into the future by new technological advances. New advances in technology formed in the current present is due to the events that occurred in the Nuclear Age.
Beginning in 1895 with Roentgen 's discovery of X-rays, scientist unraveled the structure of the atom. Revealing the electron and proton, During this period they also discovered radioactivity and three of it’s components, alpha and beta particles, and gamma radiation. The ability of X-rays to form images of hidden objects such as the bones in human hand fascinated the public. In 1932 the final major component of the atom, the Neutron was discovered, and in 1938 fission of uranium atoms by neutron was carried out in Germany. The energy associated with fission opened the possibility for powerful weapons and also the production of energy for civilian use. The world drifted toward another massive world war. Scientist in the United…

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