The Novel ' The Two Faces Of War ' Essay

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The Two Faces of War
Since we were young we all have heard and learned from our parents and grandparents that every story, including a fiction or non-fiction story, has a hero and heroine. The hero is usually a male who always fights against the evil villains and tries to conquer him. While the heroine is a female who supports the hero and helps him achieve his goals by sticking to his side while still having her own personal goal, which she is trying to obtain throughout the story. The hero and heroine tend to be the main character of the story whose jobs are to handle every situation intelligently and confidently. The outcome of the situations created by the hero and heroine are beneficial for all because they mostly do what is right for others. But sometime due to a very hard situation the hero and heroine have to choose between their goal or their life, which proves who is the real hero because the real hero would pursue their goal even in the most difficult situation. So as being a part of one story the hero and heroine have many similarities and difference according to their situations, which tells us who is more noble than the other. By relating this back to the books, “Boxer” and “Saints” by Gene Luen Yang, there is a hero Little Boa and a heroine Four-girl/ Vibiana who also have many similarities and differences throughout both the books. Both Boa and Vibiana have had family issues since they were a child, which brings a new chapter to their life and makes them…

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