The Novel, It By Stephen King Essays

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If each person had a good childhood, how different could the world be? Over the course

of an average person’s life, childhood only takes up a small portion of time and memories. Yet it

can be so crucial that a person has good experiences and memories from this time in their young

lives. Mental health and stability later in life depend greatly on what a person experiences during

their formative years. The novel, It by Stephen King, is a psychological thriller that exploits the

idea that children’s fear is a power so strong; ‘It’ can literally kill people. It follows a group of

friends known as The Losers’ Club who encounter ‘It’ and are forced to deal with the reality of

this evil. The children move away and grow old, most of them forgetting about their experienced

until they are forced to return to their hometown and deal with this evil once again. King uses the

novel to explore human emotions and their beginnings in early childhood, focusing on the idea

that events occurred in childhood can go untouched for years, but eventually each person will

have to deal with the demons they thought they left behind in their past.

Every child is afraid of something, no matter who the child, where he or she is from, or

how he or she was raised. The developmental years of young children are filled with scary things

and people. From the moment a child is born, they are brought into a world where nothing makes

sense. They cannot talk, they cannot feed or change themselves,…

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