Essay about The Novel ' Bless Me, Ultima '

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1. How does the novel fit the description of “magic-realism”? Magic-realism is defined as fiction that maintains a realistic narrative while recounting fantastic or supernatural events along with everyday life and commonplace events. The novel Bless Me, Ultima expresses this through the acceptance of some ideas that would normally be considered unrealistic. For example, the characters view witchcraft and sorcery in actuality and never seem to question it. Early gods, as well as spirit animals and mythological creatures were also widely accepted by the characters throughout.

2. What archetypes can you identify in Bless Me, Ultima? How do they reflect the ethnic and cultural heritage of the characters in the novel? How do they relate to the themes of the novel?
Ultima: Mother nature
Tenorio: Devil/Devil’s figure

3. How are owls symbolic? What role does Ultima’s owls play in the story? In Bless Me, Ultima, owls symbolize the soul and spirit of Ultima herself. Her owl primarily watches over everyone and gives warnings of danger. In a similar way, Ultima provides comfort for Antonio and helps him when he is hurt or cannot sleep. However, it can also reflect the somewhat vengeful side of Ultima that might not be seen. In the novel, the owl rips out Tenorio 's eye. When he later kills the owl and causes Ultima’s death soon after, we can see exactly what role the owl played. It served as an object of foreshadowing of what would soon happen either to Ultima or in her life.


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