Odysseus's Misfortune For The Eye Of The Odyssey

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Register to read the introduction… Zeus explains to Athena that Poseidon despises Odysseus because of the role Odysseus played in the plot to exterminate the eye of the Cyclops Polyphemus. The reason Poseidon is so infuriated by this is because Polyphemus is Poseidon’s son. Therefore, Poseidon maintains a hatred of Odysseus and “will not let him end his exile”(200) Homer indicates that although Odysseus encounters a great deal of misfortune in his journey, the major misfortune was the disapproval of Poseidon and Zeus. The combined interference of Poseidon and Calypso prevented him from continuing his journey …show more content…
Zeus instructs Hermes to tell Odysseus that in order to reach his home,” he must sail alone, without the company of gods or men”, (155) a message in which Calypso reluctantly agrees. While it is Poseidon’s wrath and Calypso’s love that keeps him on the island, it is also, the works of Zeus and Hermes that allows Odysseus to leave. In this case, his journey home is just as prevented by gods, as the gods permits it.

Throughout the novel, the characters attempt to flatter the gods. The characters understand that their lives depend on the mercy of the gods.
In the Odyssey the gods played a vital role to the plot of the story. Throughout Odysseus’s amazing travels, it’s the hope of seeing Penelope and his son Telemachus that often brings him the courage and strength to succeed.
Without the help of Athena, and her wisdom and devotion to Odysseus, his challenges would be far more extreme. Although some gods were against Odysseus, many were in favor of him and his return home. Most of the “battles” he has to fight are the challenges Poseidon throws at him. With water being the only way back to his home this challenge is fare more difficult than the Trojan War itself. Even though Athena plays a key role in Odysseus life, she is unable to protect him from the challenges he faces with Poseidon and

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