The Nobel Peace Prize By Alfred Nobel Essay

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Barack Obama is by far one of the most important political figures in existence. He will be remembered for more than the average president, and has been working towards a better future for the american people since before he was in office. Barack Obama is known for his efforts in office such as reforming the American education system, as well as trying to solve the complicated and violent issues that worry us in the middle east. One way his efforts have been recognised is with the Nobel Peace prize. The Nobel peace prize was established by Alfred Nobel in 1895. Its purpose was to give well deserved recognition to people who have made outstanding breakthroughs in physics, literature, chemistry, and even world peace. Some of the most widely recognised nobel prize winners are Martin Luther King Jr., and Nelson Mandela, but there are other United States Presidents who have received this award too like Teddy Roosevelt and Jimmy Carter. Neither of these presidents were faced with the controversy and negativity that took place when Obama was given the award in 2009. Barack Obama had been in office as president for a very short amount of time, and the first major move he made was sending 34,000 american troops to Afghanistan. When Obama did this it already had people talking, but his Nobel Peace prize surely didn’t help with the press. The reason for Obama Receiving the Nobel Peace prize is for “extraordinary efforts in strengthening international diplomacy and cooperation…

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