The Night - Original Writing Essay

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Later that day, just before five in the evening, there was a knock at the door of his home. The first thought that came to his mind was Randy. It couldn 't have been Hailey, he thought because she had cheer practice that day. It couldn 't have been his parents, he thought, because they were both at work and Liu, was at a friend 's house. Besides, other than Hailey, they each had a key to the house.

Leaving his bedroom, Jeff made his way into the kitchen and pulled out a drawer which contained his mother 's knives. He made his choice; didn 't really matter which one, as long as it could keep him safe if anything were to happen. He didn 't plan on using it, he just wanted to scare them away. Even though it was something he had fantasized about many times before, the thought of having to use it and possibly killing a living person, made him tremble.

The knocking continued as he reached the door. He could 've asked who was there, but he didn 't want to speak. He wanted whoever it was to believe that nobody was home. The knocking stopped shortly after and Jeff thought they had finally left, but the knocking continued, this time, in the basement. He thought about it; why somebody would be knocking so desperately. He thought that maybe it was Liu and he had lost his key. To Jeff, that was the most reasonable explanation. He walked down to the basement door and took a deep breath before opening.

"Thank God, you 're okay," a female voice said. It was Hailey.

"What the hell are…

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