The Next Test Could Well Be A Game Essay

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The next test could well be a game
“All students can learn and succeed, but not on the same day in the same way”, this quote by William G Spady, a sociologist, gives a brief yet thoughtful description why standardized testing is not the way to go. Sending your child to school was always so that he or she could learn and get a good education, but that’s not the case anymore; it’s all about how well he or she does on their test. Instead of the government forcing and pressurizing students to take the standardized testing, there are many alternative ways that will allow students to enjoy taking part of assessments and learn more. I propose a new form of testing that will allow students to be more creative and better their problem solving skills which is game based assessments.
First of all, what is standardized testing? Standardized testing is a test that is controlled and scored in a consistent way for all students. Standardized testing originated in China as early as in the 1800’s and shortly found its way to the United States. As years went by, the United States adopted the standardized testing system and to this day is being used in many different forms and almost all levels of educations. ACT, SAT and PSAT are only a few examples of these dreaded tests, and in 2015 a massive 3.62 million students took part of either the SAT or ACT. With so many students taking the tests, the tests determined that only 41.9% of the students were on track to succeed in college. But can…

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