The News Corporation - Strategic Analysis Essay

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Case 2
The News Corporation

Case 2
Strategic Management in the Media

The News Corporation

March 23, 2011

Content Executive Summary 4 Introduction 1 1. What where the most important occurrences in the past and how did the new corporation adjust to the new situation? 2 1.1 Key historical developments and recent developments 2 1.2 Recent developments 3 1.3 Historical analysis 5 2. What are the global and corporate strategies ensuring a successful development of the News Corporation? 6 2.1 Entry mode 6 2.2 Global strategies 6 2.3 Corporate Level Strategy 7 2.4 Diversification 7 2.5 Synergy 8 2.6 Mix of Business units (BCG matrix) 8 2.7 Role of Rupert Murdoch 10 3. What is the
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1923 Sir Keith Murdoch founds NewsCorp and establishes “The News”, Adelaide’s first local newspaper 1953 Rupert Murdoch takes over the business following his late father
1964 Murdoch establishes Australia's first national newspaper “The Australian”
1968 TNC buys the British newspaper “News of the World” expanding the services to the UK
1973 TNC buys the American company “the Express Publishing” expanding its services to the US
1984 NewsCorp buys stake at Twentieth Century Fox to move into the movie business and increase the market share of the already existing company
1985 Murdoch changes citizenship to American to bypass laws for foreign television broadcasters in the US
1988 Fox Broadcasting Company starts operating in the US introducing NewsCorp to the television market 1988 Murdoch announces plans for SKY, a satellite- based television service to move into the television market 1989 SKY Television launches in the UK and reaches one million subscribers within one year 1990 Merging of Sky television and British satellite broadcasting to form BSkyB 1992 Sky Sports launches in the UK, the first TV channel showing almost all soccer games 1993 TNC cooperates with STAR TV to expand to the not yet covered Asian market 2000 Fox delivers to 98% of the existing US networks 2001 Fox Family Worldwide is sold to pay back debts 2003 Murdoch acquires 34% of Hughes Electronics, the world’s leading television

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