Essay on The New Menu For Breakfast

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(1) Introduce the new menu for breakfast such as dim sum and noodles, menu for lunch such as set lunch for officials. Because I want to maximize my profit by getting more customers come to the restaurant all day. Instead of opening only in the evening.
(2) Introduce the new buffet in every Friday night; the menu buffer will be changed every month such as: Japanese style on January, Italian on February, Thailand on March, French on April and so on. So, customers will not be boring about my restaurant.
(3) I decide to open the restaurant all day from 6am to 11pm instead of opening in the evening only to attract more customers to my restaurant.
(4) To increase variety of food such as Western and Vegetarian to meet the needs of non-Vietnamese and health-conscious customers.
(5) Serve coffee like a coffee shop because the restaurant have a good view to the city, so this is very suitable to serve coffee parallel with breakfast in the morning.
(6) We cook and bring food to the customer’s house to celebrate their party. Because today, some people don’t want to cook but they want to have a party at home. So they can order the food from our restaurant and we will deliver it to their home with some waiters and tables, chairs (if their houses do not have enough).

(1) To provide free delivery service to office workers who cannot come to restaurant. Today, office workers have to use their lunch time to complete their work or they have extra shift. So, we decide to provide…

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