Essay on The New Liberal Arts, By Sanford J Ungar

1428 Words Oct 29th, 2014 null Page
Cognition is something that must be owned by anyone who has a goal of finding a place in today’s job market. This is because the ability to process and acquire information through thought experience and sense is crucial in ones working environment. In Sanford J Ungar’s essay “The New Liberal Arts” he believes that obtaining a college education focused on liberal arts is the best way that the workers of tomorrow will be prepared for the constantly changing job market that they will soon have to explore in the future. Because of Ungar’s argument one may ask the question, is a liberal arts degree the only way to obtain the skills needed in the workplace? While some may jump to answer yes to this question others may have something else in mind. In Mike Rose’s essay “Blue Collar Brilliance” he argues that while the majority of blue collar workers do not have a proper college education they still adopt the same skills needed in the workplace through hands on work and experience. Because these two authors believe in two different ways of obtaining necessary cognitive skills one may think that they might be butting heads, but instead what I am seeing is that both Ungar and Rose give insight to how both obtaining a liberal arts degree and blue collar work can help one evolve into what they need to be. The methods of obtaining cognition may differ between the two authors but it is apparent that both are in agreement that critical thinking, problem solving and the ability to comprehend…

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