The New Free Flowing Play Essay

840 Words Apr 6th, 2016 4 Pages
I saw today on that the AFL now want to introduce the last touch for out of bounds, I’m now convinced that the lunatics have taken over the asylum. The AFL believe that the new rule has been a factor in the free-flowing style of play, well! I don’t know which code they are watching, but it is obvious the new free flowing play is purely from the reduction in interchange rotations, not for the insane out of bounds rule. Just ask Vlastuin, if he’s allowed to answer? This is what one of those smug AFL administrators stated; “A strengthening of the deliberate out-of-bounds rule has been partly credited for the free-flowing football on display in the opening two rounds, and said the umpires could have been even stronger in their adjudication.” ( Take your hand off it mate. The ball to this guy plays no part in determining its direction, even if it is kicked or handballed or mauled. This attitude and the instructions claimed to be given to umpires to police vigorously players clearing the ball under pressure towards the boundary is perverting the course of the game, umpires should and must be independent of any influence from the AFL in their adjudication and should never be instructed to focus on a/or any particular rule of the game for the benefit of some administrator to stimulate their own self-importance. If the unpredictability of the ball is none existent, then let’s go all out and have a round ball that has no variation in the direction of bounce and…

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