Youth Sports & Public Health : Framing Risks Of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

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Bachynski, K. E., & Goldberg, D. S. (2014). Youth sports & public health: Framing risks of mild traumatic brain injury in American football and ice hockey. Journal of Law, Medicine, & Ethics, 323-333.
Bachynski et al examine the social and cultural schemas which might affect the risk factors in adolescent competitors. These schemas, in conjuction with the adolescents developing body, place adolescents at an even greater risk for traumatic brain injury (TBI). In addition, the article notes current guidelines and laws regarding when to allow an adolescent to return to play after suffering a TBI. Ideally, an adolescent should be withheld from play until cleared by a physician, trainer, or other medical personnel. Also, current helmet technology was discussed as improvements over the last fifty years have reduced injury but not TBI. Finally, implementation of current rules are discussed from pee wee through the National Football League (NFL) in an effort to curb the ever increasing incidents of adolescent TBI.
The results from this study will be useful as it sheds some light as to why student athletes underreport injury. Current laws regarding athletes safety are discussed as well as what the governing body of the NFL is doing to protect its players by setting the standard for safety.
Caine, D., Purcell, L., & Maffulli, N. (2014). The child and adolescent athlete: a review of three potentially serious injuries. BMC Sports Science, Medicine, and Rehabilitation. Caine et al

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