The Neonatal Intensive Care Essay

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Article #1:
Drozdowicz, Aleida A., and Dana Dillard. "Presence in the neonatal intensive care unit."International Journal of Childbirth Education 29.4 (2014): 63+. Academic
OneFile. Web. 30 Nov. 2015.


Aleida Drozdowicz is a registered nurse (RN) in Miami, Florida. She graduated from college and is certified as a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). She has skills in advanced holistic nursing, and she also is an instructor and practitioner in the healing touch program. As an RN, it is Aleida’s job to apply the concepts of care towards other people and promote health care for patients into the different nursing techniques that she does and teaches. Dana Dillard serves as Associate Faculty with Ashford University. She graduated with a Master of Science (MN) in psychology, but she wants to further her education. Dana is striving for her dream, at Walden University, to receive her PhD in psychology. She likes the holistic practice and applies it towards health and wellness, in the job she wants to one day pursue.
Neonatal nurses touch the lives of young babies everyday. They are in the intensive care unit (ICU) helping many ill infants in incubators who are either born with problems or have been born prematurely, meaning they were born too early and don’t have all the necessary qualities of nutrients in their body to survive. They are willing to nurture these babies back to health by taking care of their basic needs and prosper a life for each newborn to carry…

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