Different Theories Of Obesity

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Often there is more to many situations then what can be seen even ones as cut and dry as weight. A major trending topic is obesity with many people split on two different sides of the topic. One side claims obesity is completely due to a lack of will-power, and people just need to put down the fork, eat healthier, and exercise, while the other side claims it is a disease or a medical condition and should be treated as such. In some way, both camps are right, but there is more to eating then just hunger and satiety. The brain has a powerful role in the need to eat and feel full, and there are several theories that suggest that defects, rather than just a lack of will power, in the system that controls how a person feels before, during and after eating may have a major role in some cases of obesity. Why obesity is so important to people who are not obese is due to the impact on society especially medical resources. Of course, there is the impact on individual’s health, but also the added stress …show more content…
These are just three of many different theories of obesity and how the brain, nutrients and hormones affect the way a person eats. The difficulty with trying to find a solution to this condition is how complex the condition can be, and the fact that there isn’t just one solution that explains obesity. One reoccurring theme of obesity in these theories is the pleasure many people get from eating. The difficulty is retraining the mind to change how it views food and hunger and to not see food as such an important reward. Getting to the end result of a healthier population in America will be complex especially since food is difficult to avoid. Having a better idea of how to combat this epidemic is important to support people in making proper choices and understanding the importance of the balance needed to ensure that people can make the change in their diets and

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