What Are The Arguments Against Standardized Testing

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Standardized Testing Every single year 1.5 million American student’s hearts will beat a little faster as they hear the phrases such as: they will only have 55 minutes to complete the math section, they are only use a number two pencil, they must fill the bubbles in clearly and erase all incorrect marks. With the new innovation of electronic scantron answer sheets results are not only quicker, but there is no bias when grading the test. In California standardized testing begins when the child is in Elementary school and continues until the last year of High school. This is the way school systems have determined to test children’s knowledge and has become a way to rank them against their peers; also it can show where a student is struggling with a specific area of material. Every test is comprised of a multiple choice, fill in the blank and true or false that test specific areas in English, Math and Science; scores from those subjects, then put the student into 4 categories: …show more content…
The results from the standardized test, which do not take up a significant amount of class time, allows the teachers to improve their curriculum for next year’s classes. Also, it makes sure that teachers are doing their jobs efficiently. It also allows students to see how they are ranked amongst their peers which will drive them to perform better. There is always room for improvement in education because there are always more things to learn. American school systems are far from perfect. However, the goal of standardized testing is not to make students feel bad about themselves, but point out where there can be improvement for the future. In society this is currently the only way to grade a large quantity of students without bias. Teaching is tough job; teacher’s prepare future generation and only seek to help their students. Thus standardized testing gives them a way to see if they are doing their jobs

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