The Negative Effects Of Uniforms In Schools

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The American education system is far from perfect. Everything, from the contents of the textbooks to the provided lunches can be modified in some way; however, there are still aspects that the government cannot control. Distractions within classrooms are far from the grasp of the government; likewise, there is no control over bullying in the public education system. It seems that everywhere you turn, fights in schools are breaking out and children are tardy by the day. These problems seem to be getting worse and worse, and there appears to be no permanent solution that we can use to fight these disadvantages to students.
Many people often forget the major benefits of uniforms in the education system. Uniforms allow students to easily prepare
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Now bullying related to the type of clothing worn, has drastically decreased about 94% (Tucker). With this out of the way teasing will soon become something of the past. The implementation of uniforms can cut out a major portion of overall bullying. With the decrease of bullying comes the decrease of fights and overall conflicts between students altogether. This can create a more peaceful and safe learning environment for all students, no matter what their background is.
Students are who are late, usually confront a problem when deciding what to wear. With the use of uniforms, there is no hassle of having to pick out a outfit for the day. Instead, the student essentially only has to wake up on time and put on their uniform. This will cut down the number of tarries drastically, which means more students will be present for class. All this ultimately leads to more time for learning for students. According to a study done in 2010, there was a seven percent decrease in number of girls absences after the implementation of uniforms (Gentile and Imberman,
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In a typical class, there are a wide variety of students from all different backgrounds. These students may wear clothing or jewelry that appear to be flashy. Items like this can distract other students from gaining knowledge. If all students were to wear clothing that is similar, that lacks any distracting items, then there is higher chance that students will pay more attention to lessons in class. Similarly, the color of clothing and styles worn in schools can often be a representation of gangs. Almost half of all high school students know at least one gang member who attends their school ("Changing Course: Preventing Gang Membership",7). When two or more gangs are in a local area, conflicts can arise and hostile actions can be taken place against one another. Fights and all sorts of violence can break out due to gang association. Just knowing that one person is of a rival gang can spur up hated and even create brutal altercations. That is where uniforms can create a safe haven for students within the public school system. When uniforms are made mandatory, then students can’t tell who is a gang member. This can reduce the levels of violence in schools, and it has. After a dress code was put in place in Osceola County Florida, violence due to gang activity decreased by 46% (Wheeler). This is just one of the many examples of the benefits of uniforms when it comes to reducing

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