Persuasive Essay Why Do Some People Buy Cigarettes

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How long can you live? As we all know, cigarettes are bad, but do you really know how dangerous can it be? According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, over 443,000 people die from smoking cigarettes every year. You must be wondering now what is in cigarettes that can cause this huge number of deaths. Cigarettes contain more than 4,000 chemicals and the main ingredient is tobacco. Although the amount of tobacco in one cigarette is small, it is still very dangerous and can be deadly, but why do some people still buy cigarettes? Well, three of the main reasons why some people are still buying cigarettes and smoking, is to avoid stress, depression and peer pressure. Smoking can be the reason behind awful diseases and terrible health conditions. One of the most common disease that is caused by cigarettes or smoking is lung cancer and about 11.25% of those 443,000 die from it. Moreover, it could cause heart diseases, stroke, asthma and more of other terrible diseases. In this essay I will be proofing why cigarettes are bad by talking about the effects of cigarettes on human’s health and environment, the worst diseases that smoking causes and how cigarettes ruin someone’s life.

The smoke that comes out from the cigarette is the reason behind an uncountable number of health problems. Smoking cigarettes can
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However, it does not only affect human’s health but it also affects the environment that we live in. But “there is light despite all of the darkness”. Quitting smoking will help you improving your health and if you had a good health you will live longer, you will save money and time, you will be a happy successful person, you will be a calm person, you will be a good inspiration to people and there is a chance of you to save other smokers lives, and the most important reason is that you will get your beauty back. Stop buying cigarettes now because it is never too late to quit

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