Causes Of Cigarette Smoking Essay

Cigarette smoking is one of the number causes of various diseases and health problems, yet it is highly addictive. Because cigarette smoking is trending in many social environments, most people are unaware of the damages and risks that may occur between the individual smoking and his or her bystanders. Particularly, the smoke from a cigarette is the main contributor of why many smokers enjoy the unrevealed truth and why they are addicted to a substance that not receive any internal satisfaction.
When a person blows a transparent, gray cloud of cigarette smoke from their mouth, they are releasing and consuming more than four thousand chemicals, compounds, and toxins. Surprisingly, the smoke “makes up” about five to eight percent of the total
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Smoking is one of the leading causes of cancer of the lung, esophagus, kidney, and other internal organs. Heart disease, stroke, and diabetes are also included in the long list of health related problems due to cigarette smoking. An unfortunate result of smoking is the struggle for a woman to get pregnant. For instance, it may cause her to have the baby too early and obtaining an unusual weight, the baby may be born with a cleft lip or cleft palate, or the baby may experience the risk of dying in its mother’s womb. All of these consequences can easily be prevented by the willpower to cease smoking; however, most people are not concerned with the results until the outcomes are unbearable. If a smoker came to a conclusion to quit smoking, one of the immediate benefits would be an improvement in their lung function, and one of a long-term benefit is reducing their chance of dying prematurely by ninety percent. Even if someone currently acquires a harmful health conditions, he or she should consider to put their smoking habits to …show more content…
One of the benefits is that smoking lowers the risk of obesity since the nicotine in the cigarette acts as a stimulant and an appetite suppressant. Therefore, it prevents smokers from snacking less and dropping pounds. Many doctors around the world would agree that they would not recommend smoking cigarettes for an effective means of weight loss since it could bring other negative outcomes down the road. Another benefit of smoking is that it decreases the risk of death after some heart attacks. Studies have shown that compared to non-smokers, smokers have a lower mortality rate and have success in removal of plague on the arteries. On the other hand, many smokers would not have plague on their arteries if they would not have begun to smoke from the start. Instead of these benefits assisting many smokers, it is apparent that these benefits are actually a continuous cycle to addiction and harmful

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