The Negative Consequences Of Video Games

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Many people, both children and adults, in today’s society play video games. Playing video games for some teens is the only social interaction they have after school with their peers. The majority of video games are showing a trend of violent content and researchers are trying to figure out if this leads to aggression. Researchers have also shown video games to have an impact on cognitive skills. Video games have both physical and mental effects on kids and adults.
Over 97% of kids in the Unites States of America play video games. (Layton) There are multiple different platforms for playing video games, such as PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Cell Phone, Tablet and the local arcade. The video game industry brings in nearly 12 billion dollars a year
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The researchers needed to establish a control group so they let some players practice the game ahead of time and the rest of the players did not have this opportunity. (Gentile) This research was used to measure the level of competence toward the game and its controls. The researchers also questioned several gamers about the last three games they had played and then the researchers produced games that had the same level of violence. When the players were questioned after playing the games, they said that when the game made them feel aggressive, they tended to dislike the game and shy away from playing it again.
The main disadvantage of video games is that kids are more likely to imitate the violence seen in the video game. An example of this is practicing violent content in the games and then getting rewarded for it in the form of a higher score or better equipment. Sometimes kids can confuse reality and the world of the video game. (Keim) These kids take the action that they have performed repeatedly in the game and act them out in the real world. Most of the violent activity in video games if acted out in normal societal setting will get the person possibly
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They proved that more than 70% of gamers play with close friends along with millions of other people worldwide when playing the same video game. (Video) Some examples of games that have a massive virtual world for people to socialize are World of War Craft, Diablo III and Farmville. Online multiplayer platforms are huge meeting places for virtual social communities, where the people have to make decisions regarding trusting the other person. Even if these role-playing video games are violent they still encourage teamwork, and they inspire the people who play to be more helpful. When the games are meant to be competitive, the people are less likely to be helpful.
In conclusion, video games produce positive and negative effect on gamers. The effects are dependent on the individual playing the game. Not everyone is affected the same way, and the content of the game and the personality of the intended player should be considered before purchasing the video game. It is up to the consumer and the parents of the children to weigh these effects and decide how it will best help or hurt their

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