Playing Video Games Case Study

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1.1 A lot of children’s and teenagers like to play games in order to have fun with each other and spend all the time with attractive activities without knowing the consequences. Therefore, researchers are trying to find the safest ways of playing video games and reducing the side effects of video games on human.

1.2 I am focusing on how children’s or teenagers can take all the benefits from playing video games in order to learn and avoid all negative effects, not only just for having fun or waste their time on any non-useful activities. Moreover, researchers focus also on how teenagers and children’s can make a difference in learning while playing video games.

Terminology Action video games are video games defined by fast-paced gameplay with a focus on, usually, movement, combat, hand-eye coordination, and reaction time.

- Social isolation: Social isolation is a state of complete or near-complete lack of contact between an individual and society. It differs from
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Video games including violent shooter games may boost the way of thinking and improving health and social skills according to the research of positive skills of video games [2]. Enhanced thinking was not found on puzzles or role-playing games. Based on physiologist of this research [1].

3.2 Negativity of some video games [3,5,4]

Games include violence content increase aggressive thoughts, feelings, behaviors and decreased prosocial helping [3]. Another negative aspect of video games is the fact that kids are spending too much time playing the games rather than physically playing outside [5]. Playing long hours of video games can affect your teen’s performance in school. If your teen spends more than two hours gaming, then he may have trouble falling asleep, paying attention in school and get low grades [4].


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