Do Violent Video Games Cause Crime Analysis

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laying video games have been a big phenomenon throughout the years. Some people think that video games are deleterious for you and others think that they are good for you. Psychiatrist Dr. Az told why he thinks that there is no agreement about this matter in the video Do violent video games cause crime?. He said, “… it is very hard to tease out the effect of video games in terms of longer-term effects. Because children are not only playing video games. They are part of a society where there are lots of other inputs like TV, films, and music videos.”
Even if there are other inputs like TV a large number of people only blame the video games. Neuroscientist Baroness Greenfield claimed that playing video games for too long could have an impact on the children’s mental and behavioural development. Also, Dr. Az said that there are some studies
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She argued that violent games like Call of Duty are different to real-life violence. And online campaigner Geordie Guy agrees with that. In the video Do violent video games cause crime? he said that playing computer games and being violent in real life are completely different things. He also said that there has been made research about the link between violent video games and real-life crime for about 30 years. No link has between found between the two. But even if there is not any link between real life crime and violent video games, the realism in the game is getting better and better. Dr. Az said, “30 years ago, we were shooting yellow spots at red blobs and it is different from the realism that’s in the video games at the moment. The distinguish is getting less and less.” He thinks, how the person handles that realism in the video games depends on the individual and that some people are more vulnerable than others. If they have a big temperament, then it is probably better if they do not play violent video

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