The Negative Effects Of Legalizing Marijuana

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About 65 million American citizens have smoked marijuana at least once and the number is increasing (Gerber, 65). Is this the time the United States should say yes for marijuana or should they continue keeping it not legalized? For several years, Americans have been going to jail for Marijuana charges and also paying fines. Moreover, from many people’s perspective Marijuana should be treated as alcohol and some say that alcohol is even more dangerous than Marijuana because overdose of alcohol could be lethal. When we talk about people drinking alcohol, we are going to see passed out people, toxicity and many consequences. In most people’s view, it’s ok and legal to have all of these consequences if you are 21 years old and over but they don’t …show more content…
It has effects of cough drop and helps up your lungs, which supports to filtering of smoke and dirt. In the case cigarettes there is opposite effect – it makes your lungs bunch up and makes it harder to cough anything up (Patients for Medical Cannabis). Effects from legalizing marijuana on Crime and Violence If marijuana were legal, money currently spent on pursuing users could be put to use elsewhere. 10$ billion would be saved form legalizing marijuana, according to The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Thus, this money could be invested in beneficial ways for citizens. In addition, we could do this by reducing the number of people going to jail and the prison. (Marzilli, 80).
According to NORML, 100 million $ could be saved by California if marijuana were legal. Furthermore, making marijuana legal would save taxpayers money, even though could be more limited. The Connecticut Law Revision Commission found expenses for arrests and prosecution of marijuana possession offences were significantly reduced. For example, in Australia states that decriminalizing marijuana discovered that the law change brought in more revenues from fines and allowed them to spend less on enforcement (Henningfield,
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According to the reports from Washington State patrol, Traffic fatality rate is the lowest in history, fatalities dropped 6% from 2012 to 2013. Arrests for impaired driving, or DUI, in Washington decreased 12% from 2012 to 2013 (Washington State Patrol, 2014).
To sum up, the example of successful legalization practice of marijuana does not contribute to the increase criminal rates in both Washington and Colorado rates. It had opposite effect while the number of criminal rates, car fatalities or selling drugs to the youth persons only declined. Such positive statistics prove that legalization of marijuana will benefit to the safety of the citizens. References
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