Pros And Cons Of Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana
Controversy usually makes for a good discussion because there are always pros and cons and sometimes questionable ethics. This happens to be true about the controversial topic of legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes. Marijuana has been part of human history for at least four thousand years. Over time it has been used for medicinal and recreational purposes. Today Marijuana is illegal in the United States but in other countries it is legal. However, numerous states within the United States are making marijuana legal for medicinal purposes. It is time for the United States to stand united and make it legal. Medical Marijuana should be legalized and regulated because of its medicinal benefits and its potential positive
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Some of the jobs created by this product would be growers, cultivators, dispensary operators, security guards, delivery drivers, solar panel specialist, lab techs, and inspectors. These are just a few that come to mind. With our economy being what it is today we could use more …show more content…
It would allow the criminal justice system to focus more of its resources on stopping and solving other crimes. “Jeffery Miron a senior lecturer in economics at Harvard in a 2010 study said, “Legalizing marijuana nationwide would save about $8.7 billion a year in law-enforcement costs.” “What are those costs?” “About 750,000 people are arrested nationwide for marijuana possession annually. Those arrest- and expenses related to them – could vanish. Ditto for jail time. So could the time spent on most court cases involving marijuana, Miron says (Solomon).” However, as long as marijuana is illegal the profits go to the gangs and the drug cartels. It’s like in the prohibition days of alcohol where gangsters were killing other gangsters and police over control and profits of the market. Once alcohol was made legal consumer purchased alcohol at the store or tavern and the lucrative “illegal market” disappeared.
Speaking of profits if the government would tax medical marijuana like it does tobacco it could provide income. It is stated that “American consumers today spend around thirty billion a year on marijuana (Oglesby).” If the government would tax the grower, supplier, and consumer it would stand to make a quite a tidy little

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