The Negative Effects Of Fast Food

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Are you a fan of fast food? Today, fast food restaurants are around every corner. With the large amount of fast food restaurants, people can become extremely unhealthy. Fast food can often contain too many calories and not enough nutrition. When fast food becomes a regular diet for many, they will find themselves struggling with weight problems and other problems that can lead to a variety of illnesses. The negative effects of fast food can make one curious as to why fast food is so popular. Fast food is popular and frequently consumed because it is fast, cheap, and convenient. People choose fast food because it is fast. It is called “fast” food for a reason. It takes less amount of time to receive food at a fast food restaurant as to a dine-in …show more content…
People can get large amounts of food at fast food restaurants for an exceptionally cheap price. For instance, at Taco Bell someone can order three tacos, a cheese roll-up, and a large Baja Blast all for six dollars. However, at Logan’s Road House, one meal that contains two items can cost up to twenty dollars. Almost every fast food restaurant has what they call the “dollar” menu. This menu allows people to order a large meal for an inexpensive price. Since the food at a fast food restaurant is usually cheap and ready, people are going to buy it. There are people who are not able to afford expensive meals and there are also people who are not able to afford grocery cost in order to prepare an at home, healthy meal. Many people argue that it cost more money to eat healthy. This can be a reason as to why people chose to eat fast food. Another contributing factor to the inexpensive price of fast food is that it is often not as good of a quality as the food at a dine-in restaurant or a meal that is prepared at home. The inexpensiveness of fast food is also why many people prefer to eat it over anything

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