The Negative Complications Of Social Media

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From the beginning of time to our days, humans have always lived in social groups. Therefore, there is the tendency to live under the rules of the society we live in. So as time passes by, technology evolves to the advancement of these inventions; starting with the newspaper, radio, television, the Internet, and with these also came an introduction to what we now know as social media. Social media is a way to connect with different people worldwide, share information, news, music, videos, every type of knowledge accessible, as well as the power to even teach classes. It has become a really powerful and important tool in our daily lives. But because there is no such a thing as perfection, it also has its flaws, which are as evident as its benefits. …show more content…
In this case, although the creation of social media was intended for good, the implications of these inventions have also had negative effects on our society, peoples ' lives, and the way people communicate with each other. The Internet, the media, and social media have been used to brainwash the masses and influence or sway the way people think about everyday life. Politics for instance, can play dirty games when it comes to social media. Politicians make up lies and release confidential information into the media to justify their actions and to sway people in towards their decisions. For example, when the Bush Administration used the media to manipulate United States and others into thinking their reasons for starting the war in Iraq was for the protection of the country and theirs by saying that there was weapons of mass destruction; when in reality, the United States was interested in the resources “oil” or for their own selfish “interests”. A quote that supports this theory was taken from the article “ The Iraq War: Causes and Effects” written by Sameera K, Palatine(2008), and it stated “however, Iraq has posed no real threat to the United States, its main interests or its allies. Yet the Bush administration still fears that Iraq may share the weapons of mass destruction that it holds with terrorists and in their eyes, war is the only sure way to eliminate this threat”. After the war and all the destruction, no weapons of massive destruction were found and the United States government still has their hands in the resources of Iraq. That is one way the media and social media can be used to mislead the

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