Why Is Social Media Bad

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Social Networking can have some bad benefits for the youths of the world and for adults too. Not all benefits are bad, some are even beneficial to people. Social Networking is bad due to hackers getting information from people, people who cyberbully and out poisonous content online, and children endangering themselves because they don’t know what they are saying or doing at all on social media. My first reason why social media is bad is because social networking sites facilitate cyberbullying. Also, children may endanger themselves by not understanding the public and viral nature of social networking sites. Social Networking is bad due to people getting bullied on social media because one person can cause hate on another person or rival online according to procon.com. This is considered cyberbullying and there are some inappropriate things social media people can …show more content…
My second reason of social media being bad is that it is causing young teenagers to be gullible because with their minds not fully developed is a great target for expert predators to find them and hurt them in any way. Besides, predators can be anyone on the internet because anyone can lie who they are. Furthermore, they can get young children very easily just by gaining their trust and becoming their “friend” in the source raisesmartkid.com. My final reason for social media being bad for society is that teens don’t understand the information they are giving out to people. Moreover, children may put personal information in their profiles or their names, addresses, or phone numbers which puts them a higher risk. Then, people that are tracking them might steal, kidnap, and even murder them. Finally, these are more reasons why people with Social Media can be bad for them and others around

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