Positive And Negative Cons Of Social Media

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Although, the topic of social networking is not new, disputes about positive and negative sides of it do not end. Some people support Social Media development, while others firmly believe that they do not want to see the future when their children will see no other entertainments, except video games and Facebook. Despite some negative points, I can show that Social Media should stay in our lives, as they help people to be engaged in the social movements through expression of their opinions, communication and direct involvement.
Primarily, Social Media web-sites were created for communication. According to research data by Pew Research Internet Project, almost 74% of people from 18 to 65 years old and older use social networking websites. Although,
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In addition, it became a new form of communication and showing solidarity between youth from around the world. The influence of social media is so powerful, that in some countries the government tends to impose restrictions on social networks. However, it is questionably could work, as society always find a way to connect each other. Social networking is an organized system of people’s voices and opinions, and reasonable authorities should listen to them. Otherwise, this social power will unite against the ruling minorities, as it happened in Egypt, for instance (Omidyar).
It is very significant that three positive points (communication, expression of opinion and active involvement) can be seen in the examples of revolutions that took place. Although, Facebook or Twitter can have a negative influence in spreading controversial and unverified information, the positive impact of Social Media cannot be denied. Social networking now is a way for people to express their opinion, to demonstrate to the government that they are not satisfied with the current situation in their country and they are ready to shout, “We do have voice, and authorities would hear

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