Essay about The Need For Social Media

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The Need For Social Media Everyday, social networks such as Twitter and Facebook receive over a million notifications worldwide. These notifications alert the public to important information such as tweets, messages or amber alerts. Social networking is a necessity in society today in order to connect with people, to know what’s happening in the world, the growth of businesses, and politically influence others.
For one thing, access to social media allows people to connect with others in ways not possible before. In fact, anyone is able to talk with one another from almost anywhere in the world. Someone in Europe is able to communicate with someone in the U.S. An example of this, would be how two twin sisters living in different countries found each other, “ Samantha Futerman, an American actress, was surprised to find a facebook message from a French stranger who happened to have her exact same face… The two soon discovered that they’d been born in South Korea on the same day, later adopted by two different families” ( Alvarez ). Social media can bring people together, who’d otherwise never meet face to face. As well as this, through the use of social media users have the ability to share ideas and collaborate and gain knowledge from each other. There are many websites that allow this such as Google+, “by using Google+ you can have collaborative meetings… Google+ makes it possible to have multimedia conversations and integrate Google Drive and other tools. It works well…

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