Essay about The Nature Vs Nurture Debate

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Genetics are the backbone of how a human being interacts and develops socially. Unfortunately, not every human is born with a complete set of working genes. A genetic disorder, such as a conduct disorders or autism, causes a person to struggle behaviorally and socially. These struggles can profoundly affect a person’s ability to develop mentally. The nature vs nurture debate can be applied to genetic disorders not only because these disorders are caused by genetics (nature) but also because they can cause a negative social environment for the suffer (nurture). The treatment, or lack thereof, a person receives for his or her disorder profoundly affects the quality of life these people will have in the future. Studies on genetic disorders give us new information so that we may help these people develop into a functioning part of society and prevent them from becoming stranded alone in society.
In a study, conducted by Irwin D. Waldman, Jennifer L. Tackett, Carol A. Van Hulle, Brooks Applegate, Dustin Pardini, Paul J. Frick, and Benjamin B. Lahey, the hypothesis that environmental and genetic factors will cause children to exhibit one of three socioemotional dispositions that produces conduct disorders is assessed. The study takes at a large group of twins and examines the correlation of phenotypic and genotypics traits, conduct disorders, and the three socioemotional dispositions. The children in the group that exhibited traits associated with negative emotionality have a…

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