The Nature Of Creativity And Its Influence On Creative People

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Discuss the nature of creativity, making reference to some traits commonly associated with creative people e.
Creativity can be simply defined as: “the use of imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.” But the nature of creativity and the ability to express those ideas, is no simple endeavor. According to our textbook, psychologists believe creative people have the ability to generate many ideas, some of which can be quite original, of which few are developed into what we may experience, if the artist becomes known or his work is acknowledged. Creative people redefine problems and find a connection to a subject or idea that may not have been seen or identified otherwise. Creative people may seem undisciplined at times, but are able to work intensely for long periods of time. They tend to be risk takers, and don’t feel that they have to follow the traditional paths and existing knowledge or techniques. Neuroscientists have used MRI to observe nerve signal traffic in the brain, where they discovered that signal transmission is much slower and winding as the signal passes through. Researchers also discovered that musicians can block the part of the brain that receives any incoming stimuli, allowing them to stay focused on their music. () Define the term iconography. Identify two works of art that are considered icons.
Iconography is defines as: the identification, description and interpretation of subject matter in art. However the…

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