Effects Of Overthinking Essay

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II. The Good Side and Bad Side of Overthinking
Overthinking is Good Generally, people think that overthinking does no good but it merely depends on the person's perspective, if one would look at it in a negative sense. One benefit from overthinking or rumination is leading to introspection. Introspection is described as understanding the content of one's own mind, which involves how every individual, feels about something. Introspection could light up one's feelings and thoughts of which the conscious mind misses to pay attention. As humans introspect, they are able to uncover the unnoticed feelings because sometimes even feelings are unconscious. If one is unable to introspect, one is not able to unravel what is beneath the unconscious mind
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Ruminators are keen on details but not all. One is able to notice what is out of place in something. Just like Steve Jobs, he clearly pays much attention to the products he produced, the advertisements, the stores, and everything that connects to Apple ("5 Benefits of Overthinking" 3).
Overthinking could develop one's creativity, which comes in different forms. One who daydreams too much is preoccupied with one's thoughts through imagination. Through this one is able to come up with various creative solutions to problems. Imagination and rumination are closely related to creative acts (Holohan
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As a distraction to the participants they were asked to think of “clouds forming in the sky” and the “shiny surface of the trumpet.” Measurements of the participants’ mood were collected before and after the

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