The National Sleep Foundation 2015 Sleep Essay

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Article 1: The National Sleep Foundation 2015 Sleep in America Poll states that the poll has shown that the reason people do not get enough sleep is because of pain. Individuals who had chronic pain slept less than those who had acute pain. Sleep is important and individuals should make sleep as a priority. People that do not sleep has a decrease in quality of life. Sleep and pain has a bidirectional relationship, because sleep makes pain worse and when you cannot sleep, it makes your pain worse. When people identify their pain and pay more attention to the issue that helps them sleep better and have better results. A person without pain issues may or may not get a good night’s sleep, but those that do have pain problems has an increase of sleepless nights. The average of people sleeping on weekdays was 7.9 hours and on weekends 8.6 hours. Other factors as in stress and poor health can contribute to an insufficient amount of sleep. People with sleeping problems should take action and figure out ways in order to get a good night’s sleep. Those who want more sleep and focus on getting it have a better outcome. The study showed that those who were extremely motivated to get enough sleep, slept 42 minutes more than people who were not motivated as much or not at all. The people who were motivated to make sure that they had enough time to sleep, slept longer and they also had better sleep quality. People who were very or extremely motivated to get enough sleep said…

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