The National School Lunch Program Essay

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The National School Lunch Program, is a federal meal program making low cost or free school lunches possible in public schools around the country. The public schools receive a budget to purchase food for their students, however, they choose to subside the budget on low-cost ingredients, which result in food containing mostly processed food. I believe with the knowledge and understanding about the consequences of feeding our children processed food, we have a responsibility to provide our next generation with the best possible nutrition while in school. Even though the pathway to a healthy lifestyle starts at home, the educational facilities teaching our children, shares that responsibility as well. One small solution to the problem could simply be banning vending machines from inside school property. Vending machines are frequently used by students and they promote unhealthy snacks. In an article by Radley Balko, “What You Eat is Your Business” he mentions; “State legislatures and school boards across the country have begun banning snacks and soda from school campuses and vending machines” (467). This would result in a great reduction of sugary and fatty products in schools. Conversely, the vending machines do not have to only be filled with unhealthy snacks. According to Michael Moss explains in his essay “The extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food” he mentions, “The prospects for lower-salt snacks were so amazing, he added, that the company had set its sights on…

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