Nutrition And Unhealthy School Lunches

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The purpose of this paper is to tell you that school lunches need to improve health wise, the problem is obesity. Unfortunately, school breakfast and lunch programs, in many cases, inhibit the body’s cognitive and energy potentials by not providing proper nutrition. Unhealthy school lunches affects your daily physical activity. Also lack of food insufficiency causes unavailable food to a household. That all ties into their lack of achievement in school. What schools can do is improve nutritional conditions. It can be argued that if students are not healthy they will not do well in school, and this will affect the school 's academic performance, which is a primary responsibility of the school board. One of the main problems with these unhealthy lunches is students weight. According to the academy of Nutrition and …show more content…
The obesity epidemic is real and immediate, and the causes are multifaceted. The marked increase in the prevalence of obesity appears to be attributable to environmental conditions that implicitly discourage physical activity. Strength, agility, coordination, endurance, speed and level of performance are all powered by the foods you eat. Mixed grain diet improves cognitive performance in high school students. In the study, participants ate a mixed grain diet for nine weeks and the results were outstanding. The students focus and grades increase not only that but his work at home always on top of his responsibilities. It’s true eating certain foods can improve your ability to focus, retain information, and remain mentally alert in order to get through the most gruelling study sessions. What you eat determines how you tackle your daily physical activities, including housework, your job, and school homework. A poor diet with unhealthy food choices can make each movement a major effort filled with stress, strain, and pain. Students need to be eating healthy at an early age because then they will be sharp and on top of their responsibilities. If

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