Taxing Unhealthy Food

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Imagine living in a constant state of being judged, having a lack of breath and carrying unnecessary weight that is ultimately slicing away precious years of life, well that is what it is like to live obese. Obesity is the condition of being grossly fat or overweight. Although America is built on a great foundation that satisfies Americans by offering endless opportunities and a great life for the average person, there is one downfall to it 's great and mighty name. America has been truthfully named the fattest country. While America takes first place for the most obese country, thankfully there still is hope. While many life threatening diseases are incurable, although it may be hard, it is possible to cure obesity, if not stopped in it 's …show more content…
The reason that taxing foods with a great amount of fat would be beneficial is because the extra money that would be paid could help in many different ways. One beneficial outcome of taxing unhealthy foods would be that some people may not want to pay the extra thirty or so cents for a certain item. While some may say that thirty cents is not much, certain people will refuse to buy something that once costed less. The main beneficial outcome of taxing unhealthy foods would be using the taxes accumulated from junk food to put it towards healthier options that are usually more expensive. A main reason it is very difficult for Americans to eat healthy is because of the high prices. For instance, take a box of Kraft Mac n Cheese, two boxes alone could feed a family of five at the cost of $2.40 and it takes about fifteen minutes tops to make. Now take a simple homemade Caesar salad for example; this salad would need lettuce, tomato, grated cheese, cucumber, croutons, etc. these ingredients alone add up to about $12. Not only is this Caesar salad expensive, but most Americans would view it as a side dish, enabling extra ingredients to be bought for the main dish, once again there would be more money spent. All in all it is indisputable that taxes should be put onto unhealthy food, therefore healthy foods can become less expensive and easily bought by any American wanting and willing to become

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