The National Assessment Program Of Numeracy And Literacy Essay

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The National Assessment Program of Numeracy and Literacy (NAPLAN) is a form of ‘high-stakes’ testing which takes place all over Australia for children in grades 3,5 and 7. It first commenced in 2008 to test the full cohort of years 3,5 and 7 ("NAPLAN | NAP," n.d.). It 's purpose is to test students on their literacy and numeracy abilities to see if they are performing above or below the curriculum standards (Omara 2014). However, there has been much debate as to whether NAPLAN testing has as much benefit as it is claimed. Research has stated that high-stakes testing have made teachers change their approach to their own teaching in order to cater for NAPLAN testing (Thompson & Cook 2014). There is a lengthy turnaround of 5 months before receiving NAPLAN results leaving students unable to improve until the following schooling year (Wu & Hornsby 2012). In extreme cases, some students are exempt from the testing because schools and teachers are solely focused on achieving the highest results possible and are more concerned with how they are ‘rated’. The Australia Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) need to look at the how NAPLAN testing is undertaken in schools. Teachers are teaching to the test, which is not how it was meant to be, teaching to the test creates inaccurate data and defeats the purpose of NAPLAN testing.

International studies have shown that high-stakes testing such as NAPLAN has negative impacts on teachers and students and brings about…

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