The Narration Of Kane In Faulkner's Rosebud '

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1. The story of Kane is told in a nonlinear fashion. Name the 5 different characters telling the story. Which parts of Kane’s life are they narrating? (In general terms) What do you think these characters represent? (Think symbolically)
Tratchers notebooks - James guardian, tells about Kane’s childhood
Bernstein - Kane’s friend and employee. Bernstein, a bespectacled Jewish man, is the only character who loves Kane unconditionally. Tells about Kane’s
Jedediah Leland - friend of Kane, Leland becomes more ethical as Kane becomes more unscrupulous. Jedediah wanted a transfer to Chicago to escape Kane. Kane ultimately fires him for writing a negative review of Susan Alexander’s disastrous operatic debut. He tells about how Kane change aptitudes
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And he threw away the sled toy, piece of junk to the fire, “Rosebud.”
They explained the five different stage of Kane’s life. All reveal in some way that Kane is incapable of giving love, arrogant, thoughtless, desperate for attention, and morally bankrupt. 2. Orson Welles believed that the central them in Western culture is the lost paradise. How does the story of Kane symbolize the idea of “paradise lost”?
Orson Welles talk about paradise lost when Kane remembers rosebud before he died, because it was when Kane was enjoying life with his toy sled. Rosebud, rosebud, Kane couldn't buy happiness and he was an alone child in his life. Rosebud was great when he used to play and be a kid!
3. Does the character of Kane change as the movie goes on? If so, why? If not, why not?
Yes Kane's character changes after the movie goes along, and it is because every different narratives from characters tells about Kane's beginnings, and change in age, failures, success, loves, ideas, and it basically explain how miserable Kane was in his false joyful perfect life of citizen Kane !
4. A. Define Mise en
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But it couldn't go further because Kane ended up hurting Susan and she decide to leave him, she wanted to stop feeling how bad the audience dislike her, she was frustrated, and she didn't want to keep living those horrible feelings she had. Also Kane was pushing her so hard that she wanted to kill herself to do not confront Kane and others. She overdose in medicine, but she survive and then things got worse with their separation

Extra Credit

1. How the story of Kane foreshadow the World War II in America?

I believe Kane said in the movie it will be not war. But in 1941, they had to face the great depression and handle the delicate political situation. It was not prepared to tolerate with equanimity an unpatriotic exposure of the emptiness of the American dream as Citizen Kane. The film was releases six months before the attack on Pearl Harbor. At that time President Roosevelt was trying to win public opinion for entering World War II. Kane in company with Hitler and other dictators smugly assures the public there will be no

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