Carappaccini's Daughter Book Vs Movie Analysis

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Have you ever seen the movie adaptation of a book you liked? If you remember it wasn’t like the original story in many ways. Since movies started being made, producers tried to translate popular stories to the big screen. Stories like Washington Irving’s ¨The Legend of Sleepy Hollow¨, ¨The Jilting of Granny Weatherall¨ by Katherine Anne Porter, and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s ¨Rappaccini’s Daughter are all examples of books that were put on a screen. For movie makers, stories by Modern and Contemporary authors are great for adaptation into movies. The film industry bends stories to make them work better for an audience on a screen. even if it means changing critical pieces of the story. Plots are what get changed the most in the movie adaptations, …show more content…
¨The Jilting of Granny weatherall¨ Has a major change in the way the plot was laid out and still they kept the character of Granny the same “Get along now. Take your schoolbooks and go. There’s nothing wrong with me.” (Porter 1) She is a mean old lady who is frustrated with life in both versions of the story. To change her character would have been detrimental to the plot and structure of the story because her grouchy character was a force behind the conflict with the doctor and her children, whom she felt were being to serious about the matter. In the legend of sleepy hollow the fact they changed Ichabod Crane’s character did good for the movie. They narrative that was in the story would not have been long enough for an hour and a half movie so the changing of his character from a school teacher to a police officer let the producers and writers of the movie elongate the plot and make it more exciting and fit the time needed for a movie. Ichabod as a school teacher was boring and would have not done a good job to move the plot of the movie along, In the original story the main excitement of the plot didn’t come from Ichabod, but came instead from the horseman chasing him through the woods one night. A change doesn 't happen in all the movie though, In ¨Rappaccini 's Daughter¨ the plot stayed very close from the movie to the book. This was because the point of this movie was to adapt it straight from the book and portray it on the big screen as true to the original story as possible. Because of this none of the characters were changed in any significant way between the

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