The Mythical Story Of Aphrodite Essay

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The mythical story of the Greek Goddess of Aphrodite who is the Goddess of love and

beauty, is one of the most famous legends of ancient civilization. Aphrodite was considered to

be one of the most beautiful of all the goddesses. According to Samuel and Caroline Harding,

she was often called the “sea-born” goddess, because she was formed one evening from the foam

of the sea, where is told that the waves beat on the rocky shore. She is described as having eyes

blue as the summer sky, her skin was fair as the white sea-foam from which she came from and

her hair was a golden yellow like the ray of the setting sun. The mythical story suggests that

when she stepped from the water onto the beach, flowers sprang up under her feet and when she

was led into the assembly of the gods, every one admired and loved her (Harding).

Samuel and Caroline Harding go on to say that in order for Zeus to make up for his

cruelty to Hephaestus, gave him Aphrodite as his wife. The gods then prepared for them the

most fabulous wedding with all the gods and goddesses attending, bringing them magnificent

gifts (Harding). Aphrodite considered the most meaningful gift of all was that Hephaestus was

given to her. He built many places for her, with the grandest place being on the island of Cyprus.

On this island there were golden harps that made music all day and golden birds that sang songs


Miniard Morgan


The myth of…

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