Compare And Contrast Athena And Greek Mythology

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In this quarter, we learned about Greek and Roman civilization, and we were told that the Roman adapted their gods and goddesses from the Greek mythology. For this report, we have decided to do a comparison between a deity in Greek mythology and Roman mythology. In this case, we chose to do a research about Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war, and her Roman counterpart, Minerva. They shared many similar aspects, though they are distinct from one another. The differences and similarities we have gathered from doing research are as follow:

First of all, Athena was the goddess of wisdom and war, and was mostly emphasized in Greek mythology. Legends said she was born fully grown from the head of Zeus, the god of sky and thunder. Since then, she always appeared in a helmet and a war robe. Athena's symbols were the spear, the distaff and the aegis (a shield of goatskin), to which the head of the Gorgon Medusa was fastened in order to terrify the opponents. Athena was the protector of civilized lives and the provider of basic knowledges necessary for the civilization in
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She was almost the same as the Greek goddess of wisdom and war as she was also born from the head of Jupiter, the Roman counterpart of Zeus. Minerva was worshipped differently among two cultures. Minerva Medica was the goddess of medicine and doctors, while Minerva Achaea was worshipped at Luceria in her own temple in Apulia. It was clear that she was adapted from Athena, but she was not worshipped as much as her counterpart. The Romans had their own goddess of war, Bellona, so Minerva was only the goddess of arts, crafts, and wisdom but not war. She was one of the Roman Capitoline Triad, which was the three deities who were worshipped in a temple on the Capitoline hills. She also had some temples in Rome, and she was the patron of the Quinquatras festival. Later, she became associated with victory as Pompey's dedicated a temple to her following his

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