The Myth Of Doing It All Essay

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“The Myth of Doing It All”

Pre-reading: The expression "having it all" could have different meanings; it represents what a person is missing, and of course everyone has different necessities. No one has all in this life because nobody is really satisfied with what they have; while an individual has a lack of money, time, peace, love, health, etc., other individuals may have it, but they will be lacking something else; even the wealthy people do not have all. As a regular person, my mother and I do not have all; people tend to have many wants, and the expression "have it all" is very broad. The word "all" sounds tentative, but we have to know what is all? "All" is an extreme word, all bad or all good. Sometimes what I think is good for me, it could be bad to others. Then, I do not want to "have it all" because maybe I have enough now; plus, no one can "have it all." We live in a world with limitations, so every one of us is missing something. 1. The statement "having it all" makes us think about our limitations. Instead of motivates women to work hard to have more, it confuses them; thus, many women can end frustrated. Sandberg wrote about this topic, and she said that most of the women try to optimize their resources like time, money, etc. to fulfill this message; however, many of them feel like they are falling short. People cannot fulfill perfectly all the aspects of their life. In addition, Sandberg restates that she never met someone who has it all. Therefore, many…

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