The Mysterious Blogger Case Solution

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Register to read the introduction… There is a Muslim, Aisha Mullah, working at the company and her religious beliefs to show her face to males. Only close male relatives can see her face unveiled. The photographer and some of the security guards are males this employee will not be able to participate. The ethical issue that the Safety and Efficiency Director is faced with is how to develop a security policy that provides for employees’ physical safety and accommodates special needs.
Depending upon the lens there are different decision-making steps will be used ethically to address the issue but the first step is to determine who the primary stakeholders are. The safety and efficiency director used the relationship lens and the reputation lens. With the relationship lens she has to identify basic rights and choose the process for basic liberties. From that she determined that implementing a photo I.D. security system and to develop process for accommodating special needs would be the best choice. This process will ensure that employees are treated equally. With the reputation lens the safety and efficiency director has to determine the effects on the stakeholders, the value of the stakeholders, and criteria for happiness. Option two best fulfills this lens: “Implement photo I.D. security system in areas of the building which contain secure information. Designate who has authority

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